Why standing, and why independent

Riding up the Bwlch mountain.

As stated in my first post, time own up to my decisions. I must admit that my decision to run was a spur-of-the-moment one.  I had been involved in politics while living in Oxford, but I was disillusioned and overwhelmed; most days felt long and alone. When I decided to move to Wales to build a new future for myself, I thought I would leave it all behind. I was wrong.

I have spent the last 2 years rebuilding my life and I feel blessed that chance brought me to Rhigos; the place is a little corner of paradise, a very wet paradise.  Since moving into the village, I got involved with the rugby team and it fills the little time I have free from work. I was at the club when we were discussing the closure of the school in the village. I was making the point that locals should get more involved in council politics, as that would have probably forewarned the village about the closure and given a fighting chance, to which I received the reply “why don’t you do it?”

In that moment, the first thing that came to mind was a bunch of excuses. First of all, I am working 3 jobs and I don’t have much time.  There is also the fact that I haven’t even completed my second year in the village and I would not want to have the presumption to know everything about the area.  On the other hand, excuses are what keep most people from standing and, after a moment of genuine surprise, all I could think of is that talk is cheap and actions speak louder.  So I put my money where my mouth is and, being that local elections in the area are not up until 2027 and there was a general election coming up, I put my name down.

To expand on the school closure…is usual governmental shenanigans.  They make a decision and start a consultation, which is nothing but a tick-boxing exercise, so that when they eventually enforce their decision, they can claim that they have listened to our opinion and a bunch of yadda-yadda meant to make us feel good while they shaft us. This is why I believe in small governments.  They can’t abuse powers if they don’t have them. The school was opened by the local miners.  As long as they were paying for it, they could decide about its future.  When the government decided that schooling was a government matter, they took over and, years down the line, we pay the consequences, because who holds the purse makes the decisions, and if they hold the purse, they make decisions for themselves, not for us.

I have a healthy dislike for all parties.  All main stream parties are socialist in nature and all they promote is more regulations.  Because after years of increased regulations and the economy tanking hard, what we need is more regulations that made us fail to begin with!  Sure, the government is corrupt and is wasting our money, let’s give them more power and money.

All of this is nothing but a delusion.  What they are saying is “if I was in power and I had all the powers…”  They are wannabe tyrants, and the solution is not to give more to the government, but to restrain the government and give back to the people.  Make people responsible for themselves.  We are adults and should be treated as such, and you are not an adult if you need permission from daddy-government to do anything. This is the sad reality; say that you buy a house, is it yours? Once you buy, you have to tell everything to the government and let them place you on a register.  Now you have the house, you are done paying, are you? Nope, you have to pay rent to the council, and no, it isn’t for the rubbish or what not, you can’t opt out by refusing the service, you must pay rent to the government every month. Say you want to build an extension, can you do it? Sure, ask permission to the government. Say that you decide to move and want to let the property, can you do it? Sure, if the government grants you permission in the form of a license. So, answer me, is the house yours?

Because of all of the above, being that there is no respectable Libertarian party, I have decided to stand as an independent and ride on my own, to represent the ideals of freedom which I believe in and no single party represents. I will not be chained by party politics.  I say what I mean and mean what I say.  Expect me to be brutally honest because you can’t fix a problem if you edulcorate it with white lies.  You can only fix something if you have a truthful and open discussion.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
Matthew 5:16

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  1. “…..they can claim that they have listened to our opinion and a bunch of yadda-yadda meant to make us feel good while they shaft us…..”

    Absolutely !!! But I think we’re wise to that game and there might be a reckoning coming.

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