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I have made several attempts at keeping a blog or vlog, but all failed mostly due to a lack of interest, repetition, or a lack of personal meaning on my end.   Previously, I looked only at the specifics of a problem and became blackpilled. This time is different for me as I am starting again with a desire to discuss whatever comes to mind, without getting distracted by a single perspective. This change has only highlighted to me part of what today’s problem really is; we keep focusing on what is wrong without offering a solution.  While stating that we have a problem is most definitely the first step in fixing it, a solution must follow.

Part of my interest in this new blog also stems from the fact that I have decided to get involved in politics again.  What started as an innocent conversation at my local rugby club, escalated to me presenting my nomination as a parliamentary candidate for my constituency, Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare. See Merthyr’s council website. I will follow up with a post on why I made my decision to stand and why as an independent candidate.

Personally, I have found my solution in the Libertarian idea and Christianism.  I believe that, ultimately, they are one and the same, as they are both bound by the same principle of natural laws. Historically, I see socialism as the key problem of the last two centuries.  It is a movement that needs to destroy the nuclear family and the individual to impose its top-down order via the state.  In order to do so, it needs to destroy and replace God, as having faith in God would not allow to have absolute fate in the state. After much discussion, I eventually realised that it is pointless to raise the problem without discussing the solution – Freedom and Christ.

I see myself as a servant of Christ. I am still struggling with the idea of God as I come from an atheist past.  While I believe in a supernatural entity, which we call God, you could say that I am taking my time to get acquainted with Him. I have a better familiarity with Christ through the Gospels, which have brought me back into the fold when I found myself quoting the scriptures in political discussions. Yes, I know, I can be fun at parties!

Anyway, how do you get from the above to the title of this post, “Be Yourself, Share Your Ideas”? Bear with me…

When people are afraid of your ideas, they attempt to bully you into silence.  This is what many collectivists do when you cross a dogma of their religion and they come after you with names like “science denier”, “far right” and many more terms which are aimed at silencing you, and in so doing, creating consensus for their ideas. Put it this way, if you have 100 people and 90 mind their own business and 10 are very vocal, those 10 tend to not like the ideas of the other 90, insulting them and shaming them with ridiculous proposals, all while being supported by their local friends.  The remaining 90, by virtue of wanting to be left alone, allows them to talk without rebuttal. You will get to the point where the only people offering ideas are the 10 vocal ones, while the other 90 stay silent because they believe they are alone, and in a way, they are, because no one like-minded ever gave them support.

I fully realised this many years ago when discussing Brexit. I campaigned for it and received much abuse.  I quickly became tired of the side that professed to be egalitarian saying to embrace diversity, as long as it is not diversity of thought.  In response, I did a lengthy post on Facebook aimed at the pro-EU side, in which I stressed that it would be a better solution if they were to talk to us, rather than think of us as sub-human peasants without the capability of independent thought.  The responses opened my eyes, anyone against Brexit replied in public and they made their points very clear, the most peculiar point was that many of the responses in favour of my argument were received in private messages. Some of those who agreed with me were too scared to say so in public. People asked me to keep the conversation private and shared that they were not publicly discussing the topic for fear that it could lead to repercussions in the workplace. I felt overwhelmed by such a response and at the same time, saddened that our side was being ostracised because of fear.

Similarly, these days it seems perfectly acceptable to hold any religious view, but Christianism, which is openly mocked and pushed against, causing people to hide their faith to avoid being made a target. The problem that we can observe here is that fleeing a discussion brings nothing but isolation and the loss of oneself. The solution then is simple and obvious; we need to stand up for our own ideas, stop accepting such shameful behaviour and stand firm in our beliefs, regardless of what they may be.  However, this does not mean that we should not listen to anyone with a differing opinion.  Before the term was hijacked, tolerance meant the acceptance of views differing from one’s own.  More so, it doesn’t matter how much you believe that you are right, listening to someone with a differing opinion helps in understanding your own reasoning and finding a common ground.

If you really think that you are right, you can’t put a chink in the validity of someone’s argument without listening to it first.  It’s possible that there could even be a lesson to be learned from the opposing side.  It could even be the case that by listening to someone else’s logic, you could realise that you have been wrong all along and change your mind.  On the contrary, you will never change your mind if you don’t listen and you will never change theirs if you cower in fear.   What is worse, if you cower in fear, you might not even realise that there are more like you out there.  Be yourself, share your ideas.  This blog will offer mine.

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.”
1 Corinthians 16:13-14

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