Why you should vote

Caswell Bay

“Why should I vote? It makes no difference.” We all thought it at some point. I have been through all the phases myself; you show up excited at your first election, you feel like you finally have a voice, then you feel betrayed and vote for a protest party. After more disappointment, you show up and invalidate the ballot with a none of the above or some crude remark and eventually, you give up and stop going at all. Sound familiar?

The problem with this line of thinking is that it is defeatist. You have lost the battle in your mind, and you have allowed them to get away with murder without even fighting a battle. And I do not use the word “murder” lightly! Think of all the wars they have gotten us involved with and the millions that died, because we think that we cannot have influence. By standing aside, you do not have a clear conscience with the excuse that “you haven’t made a choice.”  Choosing to not cast a vote is a choice, and the results are on you.

The only way out, that I see, from this situation that we have cast ourselves in, where we believe that we have no power, which leads to no responsibility, is to stand up and take responsibility. Become an individual and stop hoping that a messiah will come one day to save you from bad politics. Do not ask for change, be the change.

To have your opinion heard, you need an understanding of how the system works, and how to use it against them. Remember that they want to be elected, play the game, and make them listen to you.

All political parties are entitled to receive an updated copy of the electoral roll at every election cycle.  This is a list of all the people registered to vote in the relevant area and their address; parties receive this information and have entire databases dedicated to studying voting patterns. This leads us to the first step. When they are out on a campaign, they will print this list and will knock at every named door. If you are not registered as an elector, they will not knock at your door, they will not care for your opinion. Why would they when you do not vote? This said, the logical conclusion is that the first step to be heard is to submit your registration to vote. They also made it illegal, in Britain, not to register and you could be fined, so there’s that as well.

The registry lists your status as well. For example, it will say if you are an overseas voter or registered for mail-in voting and, while I am not a supporter of mail-in voting, due to the risks associated, parties have a keen interest as mail-in voters tend to vote regularly and, because their ballot is submitted early, they usually receive their literature and visits earlier on.

After the election is completed, we now have a novel item available, the marked register. When you show up to vote, you present your voting card, and they look you up and mark your name so nobody else can show up and use your vote again. After the election, all these marks are copied in the electoral roll which, for a limited time, is sold to interested parties. Every major party collects this information for their own databases and knows exactly if you voted at each election. If you vote, they talk to you, if you do not, why bother?

The above is nothing new and is well known within the “industry”, but most of the public does not know it, and many have been shocked when I told them about it. I have added links to prove the information above and you are welcome to make your own research. In fact, do not believe me, do not ever believe anyone, but listen to them, consider, research, and make up your own mind. It often takes 5 minutes of information and is a good habit to have, makes you responsible.

Now, see what I mean when I say to use their willingness to be elected against them? Become their target, they will listen and, because they really want the seat, they will at least consider your opinion. If enough people want it, they will have to add it to their program, or people will start voting elsewhere. So, start voting. If they want your vote, someone will show up to ask for it.

“For we are each responsible for our own conduct.”
Galatians 6:5

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