2023, week 27

Llyn Brianne

This week will be an unusual one, I am coming out of a really heavy drinking weekend, which I want to avoid in the future, and I’ll be having a fast, so numbers will probably be a bit all over the shop, still, let’s see what happens. After this week I will not be tracking anything on the second half of August as I’ll be with the family in Florence, mother loves to cook and for 3 weeks in a year I can eat whatever she puts in my plate and make her happy.

Monday, the 3rd of July 2023

Woke up feeling terrible, 105.6kg, decided to skip training as I really didn’t want to risk it.

Since I ran out of beef and preparing for a fast I just made the calories with what I have in the fridge, bacon and eggs.

streaky bacon, 597g49129.1g40.6g£1.17
large eggs, 1243237.8g28.8g2.2g£1.10

Tuesday, the 4th of July 2023

Happy birthday America!

Woke up to a shameful 107.3kg, all the good work gone for a silly weekend, I made my choice, onwards and upwards.

Went for a run and pushed a little further than usual, I’m really not at my best and had to slow down to catch my breath a few times, still, I went up to 2 miles in 27:36. I’ll stick to this length for a couple of weeks, then I will keep Tuesdays on 2 miles and add sprints, in the future I want to add weight too, either load my backpack or get a weighted vest, whereas on Thursdays I want to keep adding mileage.

Evening was for rugby practice and I was blowing, not used to sprints anymore.

Some time later… as of the moment of writing, it’s the 11th of July…

I have always had issue with consistency, especially when it comes to produce content, takes time and effort and I end up getting distracted and chasing some quick pleasure; this is exactly the reason why I decided to pickup this endeavour, if I can’t even follow what amount to a glorified food diary disguised as carnivore diet cost, I don’t stand a chance to do anything remotely serious.

Historically I would chase something, see no results, quick. Results are not quick, it can take a long time, but I was a fool and was looking at the finger instead of the moon, I have obviously made progress, not much if I’m still discussing it.

I think in part is also shame, I haven’t had a great behaviour, fell back into old habits and partied too hard, saying that I am not happy of myself for doing that is the understatement of the year, but I think that unconsciously, because I didn’t want to write that down, I was forgoing the updates. All said though, best I can do is learn the lesson and move forward, which includes writing these updates.

I have the impression that keeping diet and fitness together is too much, comes out as too long of a post on different subjects that, while related, can be very different, moving forward I will keep a weekly post for food, which lacking the fitness component might give me more space to add some insights, and one for fitness.

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