2023, week 26

Three Cliffs bay

As mentioned in the observation for last week, this week I will focus on keeping proper records, meaning that I will keep a physical journal in the kitchen to write things down as they occur, else I forget.

I am also looking at changes in the training, volume is hard to recover and shortly I might restart playing rugby, could do with a lighter load, looking into Mike Mentzer high intensity ideas as I have found that my training has been shifting in that direction already.

Monday, the 26th of June 2023

Didn’t get out of bad until nearly 8:00, was far too tired and had not recovered properly from the weekend, which partly affected my training. Weight this morning was 107.6kg. I will try this week to eat around 2.000 calories, will prepare for a fast afterwards, I’ll cook some bone broth, eat the meat and then fast for a few days sustaining myself on coffee and broth.

Breakfast was some bacon with boiled eggs and home made mayonnaise, I like some on the occasion and I make my own as the commercial one is made from rapeseed oil and I’m not keen on it as it’s unhealthy, so I use olive oil instead. Dinner was calf liver with onions, bacon and cheese.

What I need to do is create an excel file with nutritional information to make it easier to do these calculations. For the mayonnaise I have marked the cost as negligible, the main ingredient was the oil and was a present from the family, the 2 yolks are like 30p and the lemon I can’t recall, call it 50p for the whole tray, and I used a tenth of it. The calories are not as negligible, yet, I am nowhere near the 2,000 mark that everyone says is required… I might have to make more of an effort…

5 rasher of streaky bacon (208g)49129.1g40.6g£1.17
6 large eggs43237.8g28.8g2.2g£1.10
half an onion (98g)450.9g10.1g£0.12
calf liver (181g)24035.6g6.4g6.4g£1.68
pecorino (9g)362.3g3.0g£0.20
butter (18g)13615.0g£0.18
mayonnaise (22g)1900.6g21.7g0.3g

I was really tired at training, but I kept pushing. The press was really weird, I struggle with the first set, but then second came out better.

SquatsPressPendlay Rows
20kg x520kg x540kg x5
30kg x525kg x545kg x3
50kg x330kg x347.5kg x20 – x16
60kg x235kg x2
77.5kg x13 – x540kg x13 – x14

Tuesday, the 27th of June 2023

Got up late again and weight this morning was again 107.6kg. Today I wanted to go for the full 2,000 calories and add more lean meat, ended up overeating as must have done some wrong math for lunch and thought I was lower in calories, mayonnaise is starting to look like a big no-no. Considering that I might have gone too fat heavy and lowering fats for more protein could make a difference. Had a boatload of bacon for breakfast, eggs with mayonnaise for lunch and steak for dinner

Went for a run and done the same route as last week up to the top of the bridleway, struggle a bit towards the end, probably because I must have run faster than usual, as even walking the last bit I timed a faster run, 1.77 miles in 22:33.

7 streaky bacon (284g)67042.0g55.4g£1.58
6 large eggs43237.8g28.8g2.4g£1.10
beef rump picanha (365g)88394.9g54.8g2.9g£3.91
beef drippings (18g)15918.0g
butter (10g)730.1g8.0g0.1g£0.10
mayonnaise (50g)4351.1g48.5g0.4g
pecorino (9g)362.3g3.0g£0.20

Wednesday, the 28th of June 2023

Got up at my usual 07:00 this morning and the weight was again 107.6kg, I was genuinely surprised as in these last few days I have been eating way over what I would normally eat. I started getting hungry on the way to the gym and then tired, that’s unusual, could either be that I haven’t slept well in the last few days, or I have considered that maybe on the off days I could do with less proteins, a possibility is that the unused proteins could have been turned to glucose to be used as energy and I might have suffered from that spike. Since I train in the evening, might be ideal to keep it lighter on training days and heavier on recovery days.

Went for some bacon for breakfast, followed by boiled eggs with mayonnaise, steak and cheese for dinner, then off to the gym, then created a spreadsheet to make it easier to calculate values, will have to sort out some functionality to make it easier to work the spreadsheet in the future once the list of foods gets longer.

streaky bacon (148g)34921.9g28.9g£0.82
large eggs, 428825.2g19.2g1.6g£0.73
beef rump picanha (455g)1101118.3g68.3g3.6g£4.87
beef drippings (10g)1010.0g
butter (30g)2180.2g24.0g0.2g£0.30
mayonnaise (30g)2610.7g29.1g0.2g
pecorino (15g)603.9g5.0g£0.34
BenchDeadliftParallel Pullups
20kg x540kg x5bodyweight x1
30kg x550kg x5bodyweight x1
40kg x370kg x3bodyweight x1
50kg x280kg x2
57.5kg 20 – 1095kg x8

Thursday, the 29th of June 2023

Was rather surprised to get up lighter than usual at 107.0kg, considering all I had to eat yesterday I was most definitely not expecting it, maybe I was really too low in proteins or calories? I’ll make up tonight when I go to the club and have a few beers.

Started with my usual run, all the way to the top of the bridleway, 1.77 miles in 22:25. Slowed down to a walk half way and run all the way back.

Because I’m expecting high calories intake I went lighter and started with a bunch of eggs, followed steaks cooked in beef drippings, Guinness topped up the numbers.

large eggs, 536031.5g24.0g2.0g£0.92
beef rump picanha (508g)1229132.1g76.2g4.1g£5.44
beef drippings (9g)809.0g
Guinness, 35975.4g119.1g£12.00

Friday, the 30th of June 2023

I was even more surprised this morning when I woke up to 106.0kg, I really was expecting more after the beers from last night, maybe it’ll make a difference tomorrow? We’ll see.

Breakfast was my usual bacon, then I’ve had the steak for lunch and left the eggs to snack on afterwards with some home made mayonnaise.

large eggs, 857650.4g38.4g3.2g£1.46
beef rump picanha (343g)83089.2g51.5g2.7g£3.67
beef drippings (9g)809.0g
streaky bacon (155g)36622.9g30.2g£0.86

Today is gym time, looking forward to test my widowmakers at 80kg.

SquatsPressPendlay Rows
20kg x520kg x540kg x5
30kg x525kg x545kg x3
50kg x330kg x347.5kg x20 – x16
60kg x235kg x2
77.5kg x13 – x540kg x13 – x14

Saturday, the 1st of July 2023

Partying all night isn’t good… no energy today, and gig tonight.


large eggs, 321618.9g14.4g1.2g£0.55
butter (13g)940.1g10.4g0.1g£0.13
beef rump picanha (277g)67072.0g41.6g2.2g£2.96
beef drippings (6g)536.0g
cottage cheese (600g)63057.0g33.6g25.2g£2.50
streaky bacon (155g)36622.9g30.2g£0.86

Sunday, the 2nd of July 2023

Partied all yesterday as well and today I’m officially tapped, will pay this in a day or two.


large eggs, 1726.3g6.4g0.4g£0.18
butter (8g)586.4g£0.08
beef rump picanha (483g)1169125.6g72.5g3.9g£5.17
beef drippings (9g)536.0g
egg whites, 2368.0g
onion, 84g841.2g0.2g8.5g£0.10


I am really tired of this party mentality, I am trying to get healthier and I don’t really see the point of it, I’d rather cut it off earlier, go to bed and raise the next day to do something, need to learn to say no to folks that keep pushing it.

When it comes to costs, looks like on average I was able to stay around £6 a day, need to store the data in the excel file weekly so that I can do average at the end of the week.

What I have noticed is that bacon paired with eggs is great to start the day as bacon is fatter and eggs are leaner, so they balance each other out, but then steak or another lean cut are needed to avoid going too high with the fats, as lowering the fats is making a difference in my digestion.

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