Hello world!

Tuscany, view from San Gimignano

Welcome to my space, the name is Lorenzo and I go online with many a name, I have dabbled a bit in politics and chose to make a few videos with the idea of highligting what to me seemed to be the elephant in room that nobody wanted to address, after a few attempts though I wasn’t happy and I didn’t know why, so I stopped and retreated to ponder.

Took me some time to realise it, by focusing only on the problem I was getting depressed, it’s easy to point fingers, but not seeing a way out was making me feel trapped, i believe the new kids on the block say black pilled, not a good place to be; in part as well I wasn’t really happy with were I was, I’m 46, I still haven’t married and have no kids, which I always wanted to do and failed to do so, and I’m still employed, I don’t have any business, who am I to go tell people what to think? I should sort my own life first, so I’ve quit politics too until I am satisfied with my life.

I have decided eventually to start this space for myself, I don’t write much any more and I feel like I am losing some of the mastery which I had on the language, writing also helps with brevity to reflect on a concept, voicing it and putting in it words is a good tool to see if the concept has been understood, and a well written page can be referenced to in the future.

I genuinely considered the idea of going old school and writing a diary, my calligraphy has gone down the drain, then I decided that I will sort that out at a later stage, is already hard to get restarted writing as it is, without the hindrance of having to manually write and take my time to make it legible.

I have also considered making this bylingual and translate into Italian, I don’t use my mother tongue any more and I do forget the odd word, plus I have studied entire topics in English and at times I struggle to explain them in Italian as I lack the specific vocabulary, but for the time being I would much rather do one thing at the time and stick to English, once I see consistency I will see if have the will to do more.

My musings are eclectic and I have studied many a subject in these past few years, so I will probably dabble in them all, going from fitness to anarchy via nutrition, with a pinch of economy and a dusting of whatever amuses me at the moment, we’ll see how it goes.

That’s all for now.

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